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Leadership / management can be a really tough role to be in. Some leaders / managers have such a sharp or competitive edge, that the needs of their people can become secondary. For others, honouring people can be a challenge due to their past experiences, training (or lack of), or the limiting or harsh management style of a company’s executive leadership or corporate culture.

For the organizations that seek to create and/or foster a positive and empowering, “helping your people be the best they can be” approach – where challenges, obstacles, goal-setting is handled with a coach-like approach- this group of people will statistically have a much greater chance of achievement along with engaged employees.

Coach Approach Management Development

Our coach approach management development process is designed to bring a coach-like approach to the role of leaders / managers. It is a wonderful skill and “way of being” that can transform professional, working and personal relationships.

Using a coach-like approach when working/dealing with others empowers, inspires, creates and fosters a positive energy between individuals. The benefits are enjoyed by the organization, the manager / leader, and by any individual involved and creates a win-win-win scenario.

“The Coaching Manager/Leader” program is designed to assist, enhance and empower those in the role of leadership to adopt and bring to reality this type of attitude, energy and personality for the greater success of ALL involved!

The program provides practical ideas, the “do’s and don'ts” of coaching along with real life examples that demonstrate the best ways to be coach-like in a management environment. It introduces you to the concepts and skills of being coach-like and provides a experiential learning platform to immediately practice those skills and concepts.

Becoming an effective coach takes time. To truly master the skill of a 'great coach', and become a coach-like manager, it is necessary to convert the theory into practice. Continual practice of the skills, as well as continual feedback from the people you work with transitions the learning into a new way of managing.

  • The coaching Manager program can be personalized to meet your organization’s needs.

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